ALZETA® Corporation

Innovative Energy & Combustion Engineering Technology

ALZETA Corporation is at the forefront of combustion technology, using premixed surface-stabilized combustion to provide low emissions and energy efficient solutions for industry.  An advanced team of engineers specializes in research, development, and manufacturing innovative commercial and industrial burner elements for almost any application.  Combustion engineering design and support are provided for low NOx emission burners, radiant burners, surface burners, and gas exhaust abatement systems.  With multiple surface technologies to offer, our products define the future of clean combustion.

The ALZETA Advantage

  • Ultra Low emissions, specialized flame shape, and multiple surface materials
  • Thorough background in thermal sciences and heat transfer
  • Technology portfolio developed both from invention and acquisition
  • Proven track record applying technology to challenging emissions applications
  • Experienced management team for research and development
  • Serving both large and small companies worldwide

In regards to surface stabilized gas premix combustion technology, our expertise is un-matched in the combustion engineering industry.  We design burner elements that integrate into new and existing boilers, furnaces, and other process heating equipment.  We stand apart from our competition in our extensive combustion engineering capabilities, providing you with the highest quality burner elements designed specifically for your system.

ALZETA is led by one of the industry’s most experienced technical teams, combining in-house research and development with new technology acquisition for combustion engineering.  We are leading the market in providing burners with low NOx and ultra-low NOx emissions.  We also have unique and high performance capabilities in destroying volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with our gas exhaust abatement system technology.  To determine which burner element will work best for your application, our experts can review your requirements and help you Find the Right Burner.  We can discuss the important factors that need to be taken into consideration for choosing which burner element is right for your application.

ALZETA provides a specialized approach to surface combustion engineering technology.  Let us help you find the right burner for your small or large application.  Contact us today for a commercial or industrial burner with low emission advantages.  

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