Custom Advanced Burner Products

 Multi-panel Pyromat rooftop burner arrays provide on/off and modulating control for precise time/temperature  heat profiling needed for difficult windshield shapes
Pyromat Multi-panel Rooftop Burner System for Glass Windshield Forming
 ALZETA’s Duratherm flameless radiant burners provide uniform heating and very low NOx.  It is the perfect solution for providing exact flame shapes and controlled heat flux to sensitive fluids.
Duratherm Flameless Radiant Burners in a Fired Heater

ALZETA® Corporation specializes in the design and development of commercial and industrial surface combustion burners.  Our advanced burner products meet the stringent NOx emission standards set forth by many environmental regulations.  Whether you’re looking for a new combustion system, or retrofit on your existing equipment, our burners are custom-designed to fit your application.  Select from the burner types below for an in-depth look into the capabilities, benefits, and optional features of each.

  • Low NOx Burners: Provides control to less than 40 ppm to meet the emission regulations for your region, ideal for most boilers and heaters.
  • Ultra Low NOx Burners: Used in the most stringent NOx regulation areas, providing the highest air quality control at less than 10 ppm.
  • VOC & Exhaust Gas Abatement Technology: Surface burner technology destroying volatile organic compounds (VOCs); ideal for semiconductor and pharmaceutical applications 
  • Flameless, Ceramic and Metal Radiant Burners: Used for uniform heating applications; it can be placed inches away from the external component without any damage; ideal for paper drying, plastic resin drying, and sensitive fluid heating applications
  • High Output Metal and Composite Surface Burners: Ideal for achieving trouble-free low and ultra-low NOx emissions in new and retrofit process heating applications (the “simple solution”);  and where ever energy output and process loads must be carefully matched

ALZETA’s multiple combustion surfaces offer a wide range of capabilities to match the performance needs of your application or system.  Involving ALZETA early during development will allow the burner and system to be designed jointly, and ensure that the optimum material and surface heat flux is chosen.  We select from our four burner products including:

  • CSB – High flux, metal fiber material; ultra low NOx and CO emissions up to 1,500,000 Btu/hr-ft2
  • Duratherm – Ceramic fiber matrix material; low NOx, flameless radiant gas burner with uniform heat flux and quiet operation; 23,000 – 160,000 Btu/hr-ft2
  • FireStar – Ceramic and metallic composite material, ultra low NOx and low NOx
  • Pyromat – Sintered metallic material with controlled uniform heat; low NOx, 25,000 – 300,000 Btu/hr-ft2

Other products include nanoSTAR, a 2.5 ppm burner for industrial gas turbines.  We also can provide a variety of special materials and configurations for unique applications.

Compliance with air quality regulations, with efficient burners and uniform heat distribution, is our specialty.  A retrofit can often be implemented on existing equipment to meet new requirements for NOx emissions.  Retrofit burners are competitively priced and can be developed specifically for your system.  We design the flame’s shape and heat release to fit your present boiler or system to maintain existing thermal performance.

Please visit our product pages for a more detailed explanation of each burner type or visit Find the Right Burner for application assistance.  We design and develop our products to fit your needs.  To learn more regarding ALZETA, our new product developments, and our advanced burner products, contact us today!

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