ALZETA® Partners

Power Flame, Inc.

Ultra-Low NOx Package Burner

Since 2003, ALZETA has teamed up with Power Flame Inc. to supply its CSB ultra low NOx combustion technology to the firetube boiler industry. Utilizing the CSB’s pre-mixed, porous alloy metal firing head technology, Power Flame’s NovaPlus™ package burner systems deliver single digit NOx performance for commercial and industrial steam, and process heating applications from 50 to more than 2000 boiler horsepower.

Power Flame Inc. P.O. Box 974 2001 South 21 Street Parsons, KS 67357 Phone: 620-421-0480
Power Flame Inc. uses ALZETA CSB technology for their NVC ultra-low NOx burners

Edwards Ltd

Semiconductor Manufacturing Exhaust Gas Management System

In 1995, Edwards Ltd, in collaboration with ALZETA and SEMATECH, commercialized the AtlasThermal Processing Unit (TPU) exhaust gas management system. A highly effective ALZETA inward fired ceramic surface combustion tube is the heart of the system designed to treat difficult-to-destroy chemical compounds. The TPU/Atlas family of products now sets the industry standard for cost-effective and reliable treatment of process exhaust gasses. Tens of thousands of these systems are now in use in semiconductor manufacturing operations worldwide.


 EDWARDS US HEADQUARTERS 6416 Inducon Drive West Sanborn, NY 14132 1 800 848 9800

The EDWARDS Atlas Line of Gas Abatement Systems uses ALZETA’s Inward-Fired Combustor Technology

Thermal Solutions, a Burnham Holdings Company

High Efficiency, Low Emissions Commercial Water Heater

Working closely with ALZETA, in 1997 Burnham Corporation introduced the Evolution®, a high efficiency, low emissions commercial hot water boiler now sold by Thermal Solutions, a Burnham subsidiary. Utilizing finned copper tube heat transfer surfaces located very close to the ALZETA ceramic radiant burner surface, and the latest in web-enabled controls, the Evolution® provides commercial and institutional building heat with very low emissions and excellent reliability.


Thermal Solutions Products, LLC P.O. Box 3244, Lancaster PA 17604-3244 Phone: 717-239-7642

Thermal Solutions’ Evolution High Efficiency Hot Water Boilers use the ALETA Duratherm Radiant Burner

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