Which Burner Do I Need?


The ALZETA CSB burner is a very rugged alloy metallic mesh surface supported by a sturdy alloy frame.  Surface heat flux ranges up to 1.50 million Btu/hr-ft2 (4,730 kW/m2), with turndown capability of 8 to 1 with simple and accurate controls.  The ALZETA CSB burner is available in cylindrical, conical, flat, and arched shapes, and in capacities up to 150 million Btu/hr (44 MW).  Typical applications are fire tube boilers, water tube boilers, process fluid heaters, hot gas generators, air heaters, thermal oxidizers, and more.  Ultra low emissions of NOx, CO, and UHC, with very uniform heat flux and very quiet operation, are easily achievable.

ALZETA Duratherm:

Duratherm is an ALZETA patented porous ceramic material with excellent radiant properties, with heat flux of 150,000 Btu/hr-ft2 (473 kW/m2).  It is supported by a rugged metallic frame, and can conform to almost any fabricated shape.  Duratherm’s quiet, low NOx, flameless, low flux radiant heating is ideal for heat-sensitive products and fluids.  Duratherm is applied to thousands of copper fintube commercial boilers.  Inward fired Duratherm combustion cylinders also provide an excellent thermal environment for the complete treatment of hard-to-destroy halogenated organic (PFC) compounds, and are used by the tens of thousands in point-of-use waste treatment units worldwide.  Plastic resin drying is another application requiring Duratherm’s gentle, controllable heating characteristics.

ALZETA Pyromat

ALZETA Pyromat is a sintered alloy metallic surface that is very rugged and well suited for applications where the burner may be openly exposed or make contact with product or processes.  Surface heat release reaches 120,000 Btu/hr-ft2 (378 kW/m2).  It has found commercial use in many applications, including paper drying and compact fluorescent lamp curing.


New from the product development team at ALZETA, FireStar is a composite of a ceramic/metal matrix on an alloy substrate.  The surface is “ported,” so that the potential for plugging from foreign matter in the air is minimized or eliminated.  FireStar combines the best features of CSB and Duratherm:  high surface heat flux, excellent durability, and service life in demanding applications, low NOx, CO and UHC, quiet operation, and 8 to 1 turndown.

ALZETA nanoSTAR Gas Turbine Injectors

Developed with a grant from California Energy Commission, and in cooperation with a major industrial gas turbine manufacturer, nanoSTAR gas turbine injectors perform with single digit NOx emissions in an elevated pressure (10 atm) and temperature industrial gas turbine combustor environment.  The combustion heads are a rugged sintered metal fiber construction.  The nanoSTAR technology can be applied to other high pressure low emission gas combustion systems.

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