Commercial & Industrial Process Heaters

The uniform heat flux and very low NOx emissions from a single ALZETA CSB are ideal for many vertical cylindrical furnaces.
 Vertical-Cylindrical Heater with Single Forced-draft CSB Low NOx burner
 The uniform heat flux and low NOx from multiple Duratherm burners is ideal for heating sensitive heat transfer fluids.
ALZETA’s patented “Radiant-Cell Cabin Heater” with multiple Duratherm radiant burners at a Waste Oil Recycling Facility.
 At a site where critical sensitive fluids cannot be overheated, ALZETA’s Duratherm burners and radiant cell heater design assure maximum generation capacity throughout each day.
Thermal Oil Heaters with multiple Duratherm at a California Solar Power Generating Facility

ALZETA® premix surface stabilized gas burners are an excellent choice for application on fired heaters of many types:  forced draft vertical cylindrical configuration, cabin style, or box style. 

All ALZETA burner types produce a very short flame, and the flame conforms to the burner surface, so the energy flux can be placed in optimum locations relative to the heat transfer tubes, without any harmful flame impingement.  Flame shape can be cylindrical, semi-cylindrical, conical, flat, or any combination of these.  The surface heat flux can be widely varied, using the rugged metallic CSB  surface, the metallic-ceramic composite FireStar  surface, or the low flux ceramic Duratherm  surface. 

The highly advantageous features of short flame, controllable heat flux, and defined geometry make ALZETA surface combustion gas burners ideal for heating fragile and sensitive fluids, susceptible to undesirable property changes due to uncontrolled localized heat flux.  And with all the ALZETA surface combustion options (CSB, FireStar, and Duratherm), low NOx and ultra-low NOx is achievable.

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