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ALZETA is famous for our industry-leading boiler burner technology. Our burners feature superior heat transfer capabilities and exceptional efficiency, and are known for their ultra-low NOx emissions. Follow the links below to learn more about our products.

NEW PRODUCT!  Ultra-Low NOx Atmospheric Boiler Burner Retrofits.  FireStar™ is the newest advanced burner product in the ALZETA line. These proven, surface stabilized combustion burners are low maintenance and low NOx for superior performance in our newest application, retrofit burners for atmospheric boilers!

 CSB™: These low NOx burners deliver proven <9 ppm performance. Utilizing ALZETA’s surface stabilized combustion technology makes them ideal for commercial and industrial boilers and process heaters.

Duratherm™: Thanks to our patented PYROCORE® technology, Duratherm flameless ceramic, high performance radiant burners deliver high performance for residential and commercial heater and boiler applications.

 nanoSTAR™: Using advanced combustion technology, nanoSTAR delivers low CO emissions and low NOx performance.  These high output metal surface burners are designed for use with gas fired turbines.  

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