Specialized Applications

Rather than direct heating by steam, flameless radiant heat from Pyrocore burners placed inside individual paper machine drums produce higher metal surface temperatures with less drum mass.
Cylindrical Pyrocore Burners inside paper drums achieve higher surface temperatures and faster machine speeds
Processes requiring different, localized time-temperature profiles can be precisely managed with the ALZETA Pyromat radiant burner.  Modulating heat and instant on/off characteristics can heat one zone and provide cooling to another.
Rooftop mounted burners, with individually controlled Pyromat burners
Unique paper qualities can be achieved by providing high, controllable heat to the external surface of a drum dryer
Externally mounted paper drum heater

ALZETA® has provided burners for a number of specialized applications.  Some of these include:

Paper Machines

ALZETA premix surface stabilized gas burners are well-suited to paper drying machines; both internal drum and external drum designs.  For internal drum dryers, ALZETA Duratherm provides a low flux, very uniform application of drying energy.  For external drum designs, ALZETA Pyromat supplies the higher energy flux needed, in the exact locations required for the product.

Rooftop Furnaces

ALZETA Pyromat premix surface combustion material, arranged in a multiple panel array, is successfully used as a heat source in rooftop furnaces.  Each panel can be individually sized and controlled to provide an exacting time-temperature profile to the product.  Applications include automotive windshield bending and paper web drying. 

Plastic Resin Drying

Plastic resin pellets, prior to thermal processing, must be carefully and thoroughly dried.  Both ALZETA CSB and Duratherm materials have been specially configured for different types of resin dryers.

Other Special Applications

Other specialized, engineered-to-order applications for ALZETA premix gas burner surface combustion technologies includes oilfield heater treaters, asphalt tank heaters, enhanced oil recovery field heaters, low NOx and ultra low NOx process air heaters, specialized commercial cooking equipment, and many more.  Contact ALZETA for your special combustion applications.

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